Jersey Boys Rock Madison Square Garden for a Good Cause

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Bruce Springsteen + Jon Bon Jovi = Born to Run 12.12.12 Sandy Relief Concert

Less than two months after Hurricane Sandy tore through the Garden State, many victims of the storm still remain homeless. Incredible efforts continue throughout New Jersey and New York as volunteers work around the clock to get things back to normal.

One such effort occurred last night across the river at Manhattan's Madison Square Garden where a historic concert was held with proceeds to benefit victim's of Hurricane Sandy. In a show that lasted nearly six hours and featured some of the biggest names in music from the past fifty years, clearly one of the highlights for any NJ resident was seeing two Jersey boys get up on stage and jam together during this historic event.

Bruce Springsteen uncharacteristically opened the show -- and what an opening act it was. After a few explosive numbers with The E-Steet band, The Boss invited fellow New Jerseyan, Jon Bon Jovi to join him on stage to perform Springsteen's anthem Born to Run.

While Bruce's voice seemed to be suffering from a bit of a cold that night, the energy on and off stage more than compensated for the overall performance. You also couldn't help but take a huge amount of pride in the fact that these two incredibly successful Jersey boys were still looking out for their home state in its time of need.

A few acts later, Jon took the stage with his band Bon Jovi. At which time, Jon invited The Boss onstage to join them performing their classic hit You Can't Go Home.

If you missed any of the performances, you can find the entire 121212 concert posted here.