Surviving Sandy

Surviving Sandy

In the aftermath of Sandy, many NJ residents find themselves without power. Sadly, they are the lucky ones.

While parts of New Jersey continue to wait for power to be fully restored, we'll need to think outside of the box.

Some local businesses with power are willing to help out by letting you charge your mobile devices. Mobile devices can be an important tool in case of a personal emergency and simply to help you stay updated with the latest news and events as the recovery from Sandy continues across the Garden State. If you don't have your own data plan, you can also gain WiFi access at many of these same locations.

While driving, consider charging your device during the ride so it's ready-to-go later on when you're back home and again without power.

Officials are working as quickly as possible to ensure that everyone gets power back as soon as possible. We should remember that this temporary outage is merely an inconvenience -- some New Jerseyans have lost their entire homes and all of their belongings in this storm.